Luiza Prado and Daniel Rourke

As part of Yan Tan Tether, Luiza Prado and Daniel Rourke invite a potentially endless chain of artists to co-create a web-based billboard of graffiti-like visual calls and responses. Each artist will ‘run over’ one other in dissenting acts of ‘atropelo’: a term used in Brazilian graffiti culture for territorial interventions over someone else’s work. Subverting and writing over and into each other, the works appearing at and as an array of screens at Yan Tan Tether are a palimpsest of colonial counter-histories, and affirmative decolonising enunciations.

The project began with three physical posters created for the 2018 Walk&Talk Festival, in the Azores. The original works, pasted at locations of colonial significance across the shores of the island of São Miguel, addressed systems of power that have marked the history of the Azores islands. By inviting a series of artists to continue the project online, Prado and Rourke’s original inscriptions will become merely a part of a complex conversation on decolonising narratives.

Atropelos runs from 6th June until 15th June. With a closing view on the 15th from 6pm – 8pm.

Atropelos was commissioned and developed by arebyte, London.