Yan Tan Tether is a series of public exhibitions and events programmed by Dave Charlesworth and KitMapper exploring how we experience and interact with the various landscapes around us; from the historic, to the geological, economic to the digital.

The title refers to the first three numbers of the traditional sheep-counting system used by shepherds on the moors, a practice which persisted long after the introduction of modern numerals and into the era of industrialisation. On counting to jigget (twenty) the shepherd would pick up a stone—representing the twenty sheep—and begin the count again.

The programme is broken down into three parts, Yan: Atropelos, Tan: Theory of Concentric Spheres and Tether:  Heavy Paragon and features a range of artists from Huddersfield and afar, working across a variety of disciplines, brought together in a dialogue with the surrounding town, landscape and people.

Yan Tan Tether
46 John William Street

Opening Times
Thursday: 11am–7pm
Friday: 11am–5pm
Saturday: 11am–4pm

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